Wisdom Inspired
Dec 8 Ep 328 His Way Not Your Way
December 8, 2021
As Believers, we must be willing to be blind to our flesh and open our sight to the Spirit to follow Him. In doing so we are making a deliberate decision to believe God's word by faith even when we can't see what He's doing. Scriptural Ref. John 6:53-58, Vs 60-65, +++++++ Experience 15 minutes of powerful jump-starting fuel, real-time tips, and strategies from a Biblical perspective, sprinkled with a dose of motivation and inspiration. #WisdomInspired #WisdomInspiredPodcast #WisdomInspiredSuccessCall
Wisdom Inspired is a podcast designed to help High Achievers jump-start the day with the fuel needed to help propel you to keep moving forward and is sponsored by the AAC CoWorking community. A Faith-Based VIRTUAL CoWorking & Collaboration Community for High Achieving female entrepreneurs, For more about our virtual coworking and collaborating community and how you can benefit from the resources and transformational coaching and community, send an email to hello@aaccoworking.com #WisdomInspired #WisdomInspiredPodcast #WisdomInspiredSuccessCall