Wisdom Inspired
Aug 20 Ep 254 The Benefits of Boundaries
August 20, 2021
In this episode, we explore a few of the Benefits of Boundaries and what we’ve learned about boundaries.
For some, boundaries are difficult to establish. It may be due to something we grew up thinking.
Perhaps you grew up thinking that saying no is ungodly, rude, or unkind. But God simply says to tell the truth in love.
A godly friend tells us what we need to hear, not necessarily what we want to hear (Proverbs 27:6a) 6 "Faithful are the wounds of a friend;" 

Meaning, sometimes we must tell our friends a truth they might not want to hear. It may be severe, and cause pain and uneasiness for the present, yet, when done from a spirit of love, faithfulness, and integrity, and it’s for the good of the person reproved, ought to be kindly received. 

Something else we’ve learned is that boundaries teach us to accept one another as being different yet still valuable. 

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